Campo Imperatore

Panoramica from Campo Imperatore through the Sella di monte Aquila, Passo del cannone and Sella dei due corni (Not adviced itinerary if snowy). Path with some small jump in the end.

-Vertical distance: about 570 m if going up and 270 m if going down

-Difficulty level: II – E (2 hours and 45 minutes).

Starting from the hotel’s square (2130 m) in direction of Duca degli Abruzzi refuge. During the walk, and once you have passed the observatory and some curves, you will arrive to a crossroad: at this fork, take the path on the right. This path turns around a crest, after a small gravelly going up to the top. When you are just behind the Monte Aquila saddle (2335 m), go down (going up you would arrive at Corno Grande saddle) and take the left path. The path goes through the south side of Corno Grande, and then continues until a natural stone structure called La Pera (known in that way because of it’s pear shape). Follow the path obliquely until the Brecciaio saddle (2506 m). Keep walking in the north-west summit path and you will arrive to a "bowl" called Conca degli Invalidi. Then, go over the occidental summit crest to Passo del Cannone (2679 m). Finally, you will arrive to sella dei due corni (2547 m). From this saddle you can see the Franchetti refuge.