1) From the Madonnina’s chair lift go through the Passo delle Scalette , a comfortable path, poorly equipped.

-Vertical Distance: about 420 m

-Difficulty level: E.

Take the mule’s track from the chair lift to the station (2015 m) with direction on Corno Piccolo. Once you reach the fine gravel base, keep continuing through the mule track curves; from the second curve on the right (is not that evident), begins the path called P.P.Ventricini. Then follow the signs on the Rifugio Franchetti’s direction. Continue keeping yourself on the left side across Passo delle Scalette (2100 m) and then going towards the Vallone delle Cornacchie. Walk for a while along the Corno Piccolo eastside wall toward a rocky forest (two big rocks seems to form an arch over the path). At this point you are on the spur that divides the two sides of the Vallone delle Cornacchie. Now a short path will lead you to a fixed rope. Follow the path after the rope by the right side. Once you arrive at a grassy plateau border, you will see the refuge standing on a rocky drop. In order to reach it, you have to turn on the right, then going through a boulder forest and finally climb up a nice gravelly slope.

2) The more demanding and longer alternative way to reach the Franchetti refuge, is the path called Pier Paolo Ventricini.

-Vertical Distance: 600 m

-Difficulty level: EEA (2 hours and 30 minutes).

From the chair lift, follow the crest until the end of the gravelly slope. Then, leave the Franchetti’s path and take the path on your right. The path will become narrow. Cross all the Corno Piccolo north mountainside.