Refuge Winter access

accesso invernale al rifugio Franchetti

chakoREFUGE WINTER ACCESS Reaching the refuge, on winter time (from November until the end of may), is advisable just for very expert people with a proper and advanced mountain equipment in order to face a snow climb. On winter season the chair lift is closed so, by choosing this way the walk takes much more longer than doing it on summer time. Do not underestimate the Gran Sasso on winter season! On winter time there is no water. On the hardest period all services are off. WINTER ITINERARY As an alternative way, you can take the street that connects the square to the camping (generally, on winter, the street is continually cleaned by the snowplough). Continue following the Cima Alta saddle’s direction. Go up until Arapietra ridge and then go over the old Diruto Hotel to reach the Madonnina (1 hour and 30 minutes). From the chair lift go up towards Corno Piccolo and you will arrive to the Passo delle Scalette. At this point pay attention, this part must be faced very carefully and without ski (in this tract you can predispose a fixed rope using the resin pitons on the wall). Keep going by the right side of the valley. The reason why you have to be careful, is because in the morning snow and stones can be discharged by mountains. Then you pass in front of Cornacchie cave. After an obelisk, cross the slope on the left towards Franchetti refuge. Crossing a big stone area, you will finally reach the refuge.